Providing, Fixing and Commissioning of various panels:

We have manufacturing various types of panels as per customer requirement such as AC distribution panel which is useful in distribution of AC supply at various points in S/stn. DC distribution panel which is useful in distribution of DC supply at various point in S/stn. Junction boxes which are useful in extending cables from one place to another without any joint.

Retrofitting of Relays:

We have successfully retrofitted various types of protection relay like over current & earth fault relay, Distance protection relay, Diffrance protection relay along with Testing and Parameterization.

Installation and Commissioning of Electronic equipments:

We undertake jobs of replacement of old electronic instruments with new one like replacement of Alarm Annunciators, Digital Panel Meters in substation along with complete wiring and testing.

Testing of Switchgear & Protection System:

The cost of electrical energy has been increased at least by thrice in the last decade. Any breakdown because of unawareness about the failure or anticipation of failure, creates revenue loss to utility.

Naturally if early detection and subsequent preventive maintenance could be planned, the unknown breakdown period could be minimized or even avoided. With the help of modern testing equipments in support with the trained staff, the periodic testing & calibration facilitate to understand the need of preventive maintenance.

We have come up with advance equipments and well qualified staff to provide prompt & reliable services for testing, installation & commissioning of Transformers, C & R Panels, Protection Relays, Switchgears (circuit breaker), CT, PT, isolators & other substation equipments.

The trustful diagnostic analysis and valuable guidance for reliable and healthy system is provided by us with considering the revenue loss and down time of the utilities.

In an ongoing process to improve customer satisfaction, Prayas offers a variety of Services: